Douglas Freeman

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Transformational Bodywork


It’s surprising to realize I’ve been a massage therapist over 20 years now.  At some point in my childhood, I decided If I had to work it was going to be work I enjoyed and it needed to be appreciated by the people I worked with.  In many ways this is a childhood dream come true.


Although I’ve had many jobs before massage, none was so effortless to acquire (master) or enjoyable to do.  Giving a massage is like meditating for an hour.  A friend once commented I was the only person he knew who would come to work just for the fun if it.


Massage is like music.  Do you know how some people just seem to be born with musical ability?  Massage is like that.  I’ve certainly had lots of training, but at a certain point, you just have to present with the person on the table.  And you need the training and natural ability to be of service.  Massage happens without effort and doesn’t feel like work at all.


People ask what style of massage I use.  At this point I have a style that is uniquely my own.  A combination of all the classes and trainings I’ve taken, all the bodywork I’ve received, years of Tai Chi, meditation, martial arts, intuition and life experience.


People who come for stress relief find my work deeply relaxing.  They experience a profound calming of the mind and a tranquility of spirit that lasts long after the session ends.


People who come for more therapeutic work on specific neuromuscular issues, find my work penetrating and very detailed.  It feels more like the “GoodHurt” of a workout than the deep peace of meditation.


My clients have included award winning bodybuilders, power lifters, infants, geriatric patients, professional athletes, spiritual teachers, AIDS patients, steel company executives, massage therapists and people just like you.